universeeing is an independent guide into natural healing, through effective methods and information.

For the generations to come it will be clearer, that the visible symptoms from mechanisms of mental or chronical disorders are not the main concern for healing. What can change them lastingly are healthy attributions of meaning for yourself and the world. Effective therapies release trauma and create experiences, that effect the underlying processes of maladaptive behavior that cause fear, depression and much more.

Of course, it’s also always the healthy nutrition (always..), but my dream is to make efficacious therapy methods well known to everyone, to help people see, whatever they have to see and through this, reduce to unnecessary suffering.

Jens Oliver

“We must assume our existance as broadly as we in any way can;
Everything, even the unheared of must be possible in it.
This is at the bottom the only courage that is demanded of us:
To have courage for the most strange; the most inexplicable”

Rainer Maria Rilke