Habit is a broad term. So much in our lives can become a habit like drinking coffee in the morning or the competency of how to drive a car. We can see them as automated behavior or thinking patterns – but they can be even modalities of cause and effect, which outlive themselves over weeks, month or years too. The bigger the circle is, the older it might be and the more likely it is also, that you are not aware of it.


Already the reprograming can be your turning point. That is the focus of the popular books – might it be Atomic Habits or The Power of Habits, from which several millions have been sold in 2019 alone. The tools which they do provide, help you its readers to build new patterns for a more “healthy live and success”.

Also in psychology the research of habits has a big tradition especially on how much and how deep these patterns are going. Here we discover and speak of these patterns as behavior, that you might have have created a long time back. Patterns which might have beed developed for a good reason could now interfere with a healthy mind. Patterns that may have saved your life could have become the invisible source for many troubles in your current life.

For the spiritual literature habits are just another word for what you will bring to surface, as soon as you get to know yourself. Doing that you might encounter habits, that are not even created or formed by yourself. That habits you run unconsciously may be adopted from people surrounding you or even passed down from other generations!

The crucial aspect here and for your transformation is not to directly overrule them, but to take a seat between cause and effect. To take a seat within the cycle. This is possible for instance through the practice of meditation: To rest in the gap and to discover the space between. With practice then, layer after layer may unfold and get visible in the light, where you decide to let them go. You maybe able to let go of your personal melodrama or the goals of your parents. Many cycles have to be brought to light, which might still hold on to right now. Not with overruling, but letting go of these patterns you might find your own and unique perception. Let go of old believes and overtaken world views or believes that do not longer serve you. New habits will come automatically and with them a sharp vision for the reality with a healthy and and shining you.

I love Ram Dass reflection:

Over the years we develop strong habits of perceiving the universe, and we come to be very secure within these habits. We selectively perceive our environment in ways that reinforce them. This collection of habits is what we call ego. But meditation breaks the ego down. As we begin to see through it we can become confused as to what reality is. What once seemed absolute now begins to seem relative.

When this happens, some people get confused; others fear they may be going insane. The best strategy for dealing with this disorientation is to note it and let it be. The path to freedom is through detachment from your old habits of ego.

Slowly you will arrive at a new and more profound integration of your experience in a more evolved structure of the universe. That is, you will flow beyond the boundaries of your ego until ultimately you merge into the universe. Until then you must break through old structures, develop broader structures, break through those, and develop still broader structures.”

Ram Dass