The Scientific Progress

We are all born explorers. Everyone with specific prerequisites and different understandings, everyone within a different reality to start with. To acquire knowledge that is stable, the western societies has elaborated on methodologies that support the creation of knowledge that is fact not only for the explorer. Scientific methods are elaborated methods that only acknowledges as true what can be proven and documentable. They support or do not support what hypothesis and theories. The basic principle of scientific methods are an approach to prove assumptions. 

Medieval Science (1504)

Science (from the Latin word scientia “knowledge”/ scienc “I can, know, understand”/ scire “to know”) tackles an even bigger challenge. It is proves knowledge to be true, when it is true everyone or at least most of us. It has brought knowledge, prosperity and `security`. We can be happy, not to be infected by a virus in medieval days, but to have antibiotics or to be able to fly around the world. But while being thankful to these gifts we must not forget that knowledge is proven for the reality that we commonly share and that knowledge created with scientific rules can turn out to be wrong too. That is because like everything and everyone also science is progressing.

Science uses a lot of different rules and approaches to elaborate common truth. The most well known are are rationalism with its deductive logic and empiricism and

Rationalism with the logical operation of terms and numbers is looks in itself conclusive and clear. The knowledge created with it is meant to be most stable. If we think about maths and physics that is relying on the magical play of numbers. Also here but is always an assumption needed for every terms and number, when ever used in that theory. Not seldom the knowledge created will be tested empirically before applied.

Empiricism is knowledge based on falsification. The method to be used to verify the advantages for instance of a new medicament. We know that we cannot know or control all of the influences or effects of the medicament or whatever is to be measured. So we are using empiricism. It is creating truth, that is true as long and until the likelihood (to be right for everyone) is strong enough and not falsified. If so we come to a new understand and new truth with new questions.

That the world is round and not flat had to be proven and fight for, for years with blood and death. Even it was clear for lots other societies living on this planet. That the washing of hands of a doctor before a surgery is reducing infection and death of patients had to be fight for for many years until this truth got a well known accepted fact. Before Einstein was formulating the theory of relativity, was there no relativity? Basis of new understandings have to be created. So we are able to see what today can not be seen and calculated.

The progression of science and its creation of knowledge will move on. In midst of this progression but, one thing must be clear: That the principles and use of the scientific methods are not exclusive to the share holders of our common sense reality. The tools exist for the good of us all.

Guidelines and rules are working to prevent the status quo from changing too fast. It occurs in any system or organization and it is today in no way different for the spreading of effective treatments.

The outside system you currently live in might give you a proper guidance. Security and prosperity to some degree. But what you really know it comes from your own experience confirming it. What if everything is wrong for yourself? Or at some point not longer applicable for your own process of healing? The scientific method is most important, when applied just for yourself. We have to start learning out of our own experience and to explore the world like little children again. Children that respect the reality which we commonly share and its knowledge and truth, but do not only believe in what can be proven there. The path of transformation is truly the path where we learn to follow your own intuition again.