Two ways to come to realization exist. One is through devotion – that is the path of love and feeling (Shivas path). The other one is the going through awareness and meditation – the path of the intellect and the mind (Buddhas path). Only these two ways exist.
Why I is that important for you and already here? – Because it provides a better understanding about where you stay. Clearing thoughts is either one fundamental aspect or a side effect of healing and transformation.

Unbenanntes Projekt 2

In opposition to the the defamations against thoughts in many teachings, thoughts are not necessarily bad. It is only, when we have started to give them too much value and we have progressed doing so, that we can end up feeling as living in a self constructed roller coaster. With giving thoughts so much energy in a long period of time, the content and ideas they bring up, might become what we feel is real – or is even us. But indeed this is nothing else then sitting in front of a huge cinema screen, our room pitched black. The movie has started to perform itself out on its own, using a self-referential cast. A perpetuum mobile lacking contact with our truth. And we get more and more blind watching it.

If we only would only step out of this room now and then – The thoughts would loose their speed and contraction. When we only would treat them as servants again and not as masters, believing anything they are trying to tell.

Until then it is only you, who is giving them force by “Opting-in”. Reality is created then trough you, your words and believes and acting out around them. Reality “in broad terms” is of choice. Logics are of choice. Looking into the thoughts processing wild creations, we can really learn to see that thoughts are just this. And as you are holding on to your old cast, you are not free. Step back from it. You want to see and witness the work wise of the thoughts creation from a distance. With enough mediation practice comes a point, where you will be able to do that.

With witnessing their creation to its very source, you are on the second path of your own self realization. The approach of your true reality so comes rather through disconnection and letting go of your minds traps, then through the will to achieve something new. It just happens. This reality in its extreme, is where the mind is dissolved into the Dao. That is where acting starts as the dance. Remember, it also where you let go – where you are loosing control. Are you able to do that? Are you able to become yourself?

A profound description, even manual of this process is given by Ramana Maharshi. One of the greatest saints, who achieved instant realization as a kid. Lying on the floor of his house he was asking himself repeatedly: who am I. Thoughts asking thoughts, who are they. Through this practice his mind dissolved. As where are no thoughts there is no mind, there is no I”. The goal of thinking is to switch thinking of.

“Don`t believe your thoughts. I am the body is a thought. I am the mind is a thought. I am the doer is a thought. Worry is only a thought. Fear is only a thought. Death is only a thought.” Sri Ramana Maharshi.

A more modern description is giving in the astonishing book of Manuel Schoch. Frei sein.