TRE: Neuronal Discharge with Trauma-Release-Exercises

A series of body exercises have become popular in the treatment of trauma. By holding the postures a process is activated, that can release deeply hold tensions. Practitioners will then literally “tremble” them out of their bodies.


The existence of this mechanism is not only known since the distribution of the now trademarked Trauma Release Exercises TRE®. In fact, shedding tension is a natural and well-known process in animals and young children. It is normal to observe animals and children trembling even after stressful experiences. However, adults have forgotten how to activate this actually auto-reaction – or how to allow it. TRE postures provide access to reactivate this self-healing process. Since 2006, the method has become more popular, not only because of its effective use in remedial and psychotherapeutic trauma therapy. “Trembling” today is generally used to release stress.

Why tensions stay in the body

As described in the article on process of trauma and healing, traumatic experiences lead our our nervous system to go through the fight (fight), into the flight (flight) – and then into the so called freeze mode. The freeze is supposed to protect survival through its function. Problems arise when the contraction of the nervous system continues. The freeze only then becomes a basis for psychological and physical complaints. Just as trauma and stress can potentially affect the nervous system on all levels of the organism and also tense muscles, the discharge stimulated by physical exercises also affects mental healing. The focus here is on the neural system: It connects the functions of all levels of being.

Neuronal tremors: Do it!

Practicing together connects and strengthens the participants. It sometimes takes practice to initiate and deepen into the process. The trick is to turn your head off. Ultimately with ending the serious it is about letting the body take control. TRE or Neural Trembling courses are instructed by a trainer for the group, but TRE can also easily be practiced at home.

TRE is one of the effective body-related self-therapy methods and is increasingly used by psychologists in psychotherapy in individual sessions. It can be applied in waking consciousness, i.e. practiced in the unchanged state of consciousness.

TRE trainers and groups can be found in almost all major cities today.